What do we offer?

The Maker Space in NOI Techpark is a modern prototype workshop, equipped with high-tech machines available for anyone to use. If you want to work in the Maker Space you will need to register, select a User Package and avail yourself of the relevant training for the specific machines. Fully-qualified experts are on hand to answer questions and offer support, and who will assist you in the safe use of the equipment. In addition, workshops and courses are scheduled to take place at regular intervals.


  • We can give you tips on product ideas, production technologies, suppliers and many other topics during free initial discussions and brief consultations

  • Rapid Prototyping: 3D printing service on request. Send us your 3D data, we then advise you on the right choice of technology and create your prototype.

  • Assisted prototype construction: we guide and advise companies in the construction of a product prototype, for example by making or modifying CAD data or by carrying out individual stages in the prototype production.

  • Product innovation in 4 days: our service enables new product ideas to be devised, prototypes to be built, and the appropriate business model to be designed in just 4 working days – which at the end will tested and evaluated.

  • In addition, it is possible to reserve the exclusive use of the premises of the Maker Space: 150€ plus VAT per hour (Main Lab), 50€ plus VAT per hour (other labs).


If you want to use Maker Space individually, all you have to do is register and complete the necessary safety instructions - then you can book the rooms on a daily basis and use the machines of your choice.
Those who opt for the premium package will receive all usage instructions free of charge in addition to the reduced basic fee.
OPEN DAY BONUS only in May & June 2019: 50% discount on registration fee and premium package!

Courses and events

We continually run courses and workshops in the Maker Space for anyone who has already booked a User Package as well as those who are interested in doing so.

These events are designed to provide background understanding of working technologies and information on software packages.

They are also the ideal place to get to know other people and to build up a network of like-minded individuals.

How to apply

If you have any questions about our services, or wish to apply for a consultation, please contact us by email: