The high-tech workshop in NOI Techpark

A workshop fitted out with the latest equipment, giving makers and inventors a space where they can put their ideas into practice: this is the Maker Space in NOI Techpark. With its high-tech devices which all interested parties can use to make product prototypes or individual pieces, it is available for both individuals and companies. To ensure that anyone can operate the 3D-printer, CNC milling machine and other devices independently, training on the machinery is available upon request in addition to various software courses

The Maker Space consists of a woodworking shop, a metal workshop, an electronics area as well as a textiles area, and is kitted out with a laser scanner, a 3D scanner, a range of 3D printers, a vinyl and laminate cutter, CNC milling machines and many other tools and useful resources.

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How can I best use the Maker Space?

Makers create something new – just as start-ups, scientists and crafts people do, as well as students and inventors. Even those companies which develop innovative prototypes need high-tech machines to manufacture and test their products. These machines are available for all such people to use in the fully-equipped Maker Space at NOI Techpark.

If you want to work in the Maker Space, you will need to register with us and choose a User Package. You will then be trained for the machines you wish to use. In addition, experts from the Maker Space will be permanently on hand to assist you with any queries and to support you when you are unsure of anything.

NOI - Nature of Innovation

In Bolzano Bozen, in the heart of South Tyrol, the gateway between the German and Italian cultural heritage, fertile ground for a new dynamic in the international field of scientific research is being prepared. The innovation district which opened in 2017 does not practise a conventional, purely quantitative growth philosophy, but rather a new and sustainable form of research and development. Here, networks of private firms, research institutions and universities are being set up to create new products and services which will add value to the lives of people, society in general and the surrounding countryside. Energy efficiency, living conditions, comfort and safety will all be improved. More agreeable and sustainable foods will be developed. Everyday processes are being automated. Around 500 researchers, entrepreneurs, people employed in start-ups, students, experts and brilliant minds are working on topics like these, day in day out.


The Maker Space is operated by NOI Techpark with the support of the Trade Association for Craftsmen and Service Providers South Tyrol lvh.apa.

Lvh.apa is also establishing a network of experts who will be on-hand to assist Maker Space users with specific tasks.


The creation of the Maker Space in NOI Techpark was partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The aim of this ERDF project is to make the former, somewhat small prototype laboratory in NOI Techpark more attractive for future users, in particular for local companies. To achieve this goal, the Maker Space was enlarged to accommodate new technologies for prototyping, more up-to-date software and professional machines for processing a wide range of materials.